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About Us

SPOTLESS Commercial Cleaning is Montgomery County’s premier commercial cleaning provider. Spotless is not an ordinary office cleaning company nor do we try to be. At Spotless, we have the working professionals in mind. By working with only corporate and professional offices, we understand the needs of each and know what it takes to be successful in every environment. Spotless Commercial Cleaning was started by professionals for professionals. All of our employees have experience in both commercial cleaning and the corporate world. It has always been said that you don’t know someone until you’ve walked in their shoes…we have. We know what is expected of our cleaning company and constantly strive to exceed your expectations.

What makes us different:

Most cleaning companies start their business and introduce it to the marketplace right away. We at Spotless spent over 6 months conducting market research and we spoke with 100′s of companies in the Delaware Valley regarding their office cleaning.

Here is what we found out:

  • Most are dissatisfied with the quality of their current cleaning provider
  • Sometimes the cleaning was not being done at all!
  • A different cleaning person every time

We at Spotless Commercial Cleaning have addressed all of these areas. So you can feel confident your business is being cleaned correctly, the first time. We perform full back ground checks on our employees and hire veterans whenever possible. Most are full time working professionals and clean part-time. A large majority have a college degree and live in the local area. They know how an office should look after cleaning since they have had exposure to office settings.

* We are fully bonded & insured. *