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5 Office Areas to Keep Clean

When it comes to office cleaning, Conshohocken business owners trust Spotless CC to get the job done right. In today’s post, we discuss 5 office areas that are easy to forget, but important to keep clean!

1. Keyboards

This frequently touched area commonly harbors more bacteria than a toilet seat and is cleaned much less often. While this information is disturbing at any time, the current global pandemic sheds new light on the importance of good cleaning and sanitizing habits.

2. Printers/Copy Machines

Office electronics like printers and copy machines present a two-fold problem when it comes to cleaning. Much like computers keyboards, the buttons on these machines are frequently touched, often by a number of people. While it’s important to clean and sanitize these areas, there’s also the issue of dust. Machines like these tend to have fans and vents that can attract dust, and when enough dust builds up over time, it can cause issues with office appliances. Dusting and sanitizing printers and copy machines and the surrounding area can help prevent problems down the line

3. Air Vents

A surprising amount of dust, pollen and other contaminants can build up around air vents or even end up clogging them. Keeping these areas clean will help improve air quality, keep your system running more efficiently and keep your space looking fresh and clean.

4. Doorknobs

Doorknobs are easily forgotten when cleaning, but aside from keyboards they are one of the most frequently touched areas. Cleaning and sanitizing doorknobs often can help prevent the spread of bacteria and disease.

5. Potted Plants

Potted plants around the office can help brighten up the space, improve employee morale and help create a lively, inviting atmosphere, but they can also attract insects like spiders and mites. Grimy pots, webbing and insect infestations can have the opposite effect, making your space look drab and neglected. Be sure to wipe down pots and inspect plants for signs of insects or spiderwebs frequently.

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