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The Sense In Summer Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning Office commercial carpet cleaning in Lansdale is important year-round, but some seasons are easier to work with than others. In an area that gets the full impact of fierce winters and chilly months in late autumn and early spring, summer is often considered the best time of year for carpet cleaning. Let’s dive in and learn a bit more about summer office carpet cleaning with the pros at Spotless CC!

Open Door Policy

The heat of the summer months may seem a bit tough to tolerate at times, but it’s a perfect opportunity for carpet cleaning. Without fear of wintry gusts or harsh weather conditions, it’s easy to open doors and windows to help air out the building during commercial carpet cleaning. That way, whatever dust and dirt gets unsettled during the cleaning process has somewhere to go rather than lingering in the confined office air.

Dangerous Stowaways

Did you know that carpets in commercial buildings often hold pounds of dust, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells? Just because you can’t see them doesn’t make them any less real – or any less dangerous! Because office carpets get immense foot traffic every day, the contaminants in carpets are constantly being disturbed and released into the air. All that dirt, dust and bacteria takes a serious toll on office air quality, and can lead to breathing trouble and even sickness. The best way to take care of these dangerous carpet stowaways is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company like Spotless Commercial Cleaning! 

The Summer Spotlight

In the dark dinginess of Winter, it’s easy to get away with dirty carpets in your office building. People are preoccupied with ice, snow and bitter cold; they’re just not as conscious of a clean atmosphere. Summer is a different story. A bright, sunny contrast to winter’s darkness, summer shines a spotlight on your office carpets. Invisible crumbs, stains and crusted dirt will suddenly be center stage. Without a thorough carpet cleaning, your customers and staff may just be getting front row tickets to the disgusting carpet show. How do you want your carpets to look in the summer spotlight?

Get Lansdale Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning Today!

The warmest part of the year is upon us, and there’s no better time for a deep office carpet cleaning. Take advantage of the summer months; call on the cleaning professionals at Spotless CC to bring your office to a whole new level of clean!