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office cleaning allergies

As flowers bloom and trees come back from their winter slumber, the pollen will soon start to fly. Before the sneezing and watery eyes start, why not take a few steps to get your office in top shape for allergy season? Just a few simple steps and your whole office will be breathing easier.

Clean air filters and air conditioners

Aside from removing all the gunk and allergens trapped from the winter, you’ll ensure that your air conditioner is running efficiently by making sure filters are clean. This is also a great time to have your air conditioning units serviced to make sure they’re all running properly so you’re prepared for the next heat wave.

Have carpets deep-cleaned

Carpets harbor dust and whatever gets tracked in from the outside, so it’s a good time to make sure they’re completely clean to reduce allergens. Vacuuming regularly in the spring is another good way to make sure any pollen that comes in from people’s shoes doesn’t stick around to make you sneeze.

Keep windows closed

We know, it’s tempting to open the windows on a beautiful spring day, but if you find yourself struggling with seasonal allergies you might want to keep them closed. Otherwise you may be unknowingly allowing pollen to blow into the office. If you can’t stand the idea of keeping the windows closed all the time but still want to avoid an allergy attack, just give a look before you swing the windows open and let the breeze in.

Consider air purifiers

As an additional step to combat allergy season, you may want to outfit your office with an air purifier to help clear the air of allergens. Air purifiers range drastically in price and technology, so do your research to determine what would be best for your office.

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