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Hi there! We are Spotless Commercial Cleaning, a janitorial company focused on service for the corporate world. We are dedicated to researching and delivering the best practices for the modern workplace. Our Lansdale floor stripping and office cleaning teams are comprised entirely of passionate workers who have personal experience in the commercial workplace. We know what you want, and we understand your policies. The corporate world can be a crazy place, but our expertise ensures we can deliver on your needs before you even have to ask.

Floor stripping can be a daunting task, and it’s one that can be generally overlooked by busy offices. But there are many benefits to these deep cleaning practices that may increase your effectiveness and save you money in the end.

Benefits of Floor Stripping

Floor stripping involves removing all the built-up residue and age-old dirt baked into your hardwood floors. Our team is trained to scrub out deep blemishes with advanced equipment and get your floors looking brand new. This is a gainful practice for several reasons.

  • Enhance the image of your space: This will boost both employee morale and the confidence of any partners or potential clients who enter into your workplace.
  • Prevent long-term damage to your floors: If a floor is not stripped for a long enough time, the moisture and residue accumulation can compromise the integrity of the material. This can invoke costly repairs and invite other potential hazards.

To read more about our cleaning abilities, please see the services page on our website.

Lansdale Floor Stripping

So if you’re in need of an intelligent cleaning team who understands your business’s needs, get in touch with Spotless Commercial Cleaning today. Whether it’s a deep clean, a full office sweep or a routing cleaning, we’d love to open up a dialogue with you and get the ball rolling. We look forward to our professional relationship!