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Spotless Commercial Cleaning is a Malvern janitorial cleaning company based on the values of the professional world. We take our work very seriously and guarantee a high level of professionalism and corporate sensibility on every job. That means that we are sensitive to the unique needs of every company we service. If it’s ID badges, uniforms, special policies or any other consideration, you can be sure that we will follow whatever codes you prefer. Each of our cleaning experts has experience working in the corporate world, so we understand the needs of a multitude of business places. We are prepared to meet the particular needs of such varied workplaces as attorney’s offices and daycare centers – medical suites and tax offices. Our company was founded on the core belief that cleaning should be specialized for the professional world, and we stand proudly by that claim today.

Specialized Daycare Center Cleaning

Daycare centers are one example of a workplace that requires a particular cleaning strategy. A few things set daycares apart from regular business venues. Somewhere like a daycare center, where potential clients will make judgments based largely on appearance, it is important to keep a squeaky-clean profile. Here are some of the things we think about going into a daycare job.

  • Mud and dirt on the floors. Kids track in all kinds of messes from outdoor activities. Keeping an eye out helps us prevent this typical workplace issue.
  • Spilled snacks, food and drink. Chances are, wherever kids are eating, some type of mess will be left behind. We take extra care to sanitize eating areas and tables, not only to eliminate messes, but also to keep things clean and safe.
  • Toys and play areas. Kids interface with a lot of this stuff for all hours of the day. It’s important to make sure that it all gets cleaned properly during off-hours.

For more information on these cleaning policies, please visit our daycare centers page.

Malvern Janitorial Cleaning

Do you own a daycare center that needs a regularly-scheduled cleaning service? Are you considering a daily, weekly, or biweekly cleaning schedule for your workplace? Spotless Commercial Cleaning is the sanitation provider for you! Contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll even throw in a free gift for your trouble!