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Spring is upon us! This beautiful season is known for fresh starts, and fresh starts often mean sprucing up and reordering our lives. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house, though. In reality, we spend more active time in our offices or workplaces than we do in our own homes! That means we should take as much care to keep our work spaces tidy and organized. What can you do to get ready for this new season in life?

Let’s start with disinfecting your electronics. When was the last time you wiped down your phone, keyboard, mouse, etc.? The list goes on! It’s time to get rid of all of those germs that have been accumulating over the winter.

Now it’s time to organize. What needs some deleting, filing, or rearranging?

Your inbox. The number continues to grow. That’s 1,000 unread messages that you know you’re never going to open. Clear it out! Don’t be afraid to hit the delete button. Either that, or hit the flagged or follow-up keys, and create file folders for different tasks so you can find important information easily. Also, unsubscribe from the zillions of useless websites you didn’t even know you subscribed to. Emptying out a crazy inbox can be liberating.

Your computer’s desktop. Label each photograph or document to make it easier for you to search an item and know exactly what’s inside. Delete those files that you haven’t looked at in five years. Put the documents you still need into aptly-labeled folders.

Your personal desk and papers. Don’t let everything pile up. File away your papers, and shred the ones you don’t need. Do you like to use post-it notes? That’s fine, but don’t let them overwhelm your desk, otherwise they will start to overwhelm you!

Your filing cabinet. Trash all of those old files to make room for the new! Create an orderly filing system for all of your paperwork. Think about color-coding, for extra organization and efficiency. If some documents get mixed up accidentally, the colors will make it easier to put them back into place.

As we’ve mentioned before in a previous post, a clean office is a
happy office.

Do you want some help with your spring cleaning? We can’t do much about your overloaded inbox, but we would love to assist in keeping your office sanitary and sparkling with our fabulous cleaning services. We’ll cheer you on in all of your organizational endeavors!

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