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Summer Cleaning Tips for Office Buildings

Spring-cleaning is a familiar concept to most of us, but every season requires a unique cleaning approach. In this post, the experts at Spotless CC share summer cleaning tips for office buildings!

Follow our summer cleaning tips for office buildings to boost productivity!

Window Washing

During the springtime, pollen can coat and dull window surfaces, obscuring natural light. This coating can create a “grimy” appearance. Cleaning windows inside and out creates a fresh, clean atmosphere. Clear windows also let in more natural light, which is known to boost employee morale. This can be especially helpful during the summer months, when we all want to make the most of our daylight hours. Along with window cleaning, a comprehensive deep clean includes blinds, drapes or curtains.  These can all build up large amounts of dust over time, and since they are more frequently adjusted during the bright summer months, a thorough cleaning can prevent dust being kicked up and distributed.

Floor Cleaning

Warmer weather means an increase in activities like walking and biking to work, but it also means an increase in rainfall. This combination leads to more mud, dust and debris finding its way inside and onto your floors. Deep cleaning floors can ensure they look clean and new year-round. Clean floors come with the additional benefit of encouraging employees to help keep them that way!

Deep Cleaning Carpets

Carpets can harbor a shocking amount of dust, dirt and bacteria – think pounds of the stuff in an average commercial building. Deep cleaning carpets can greatly improve air quality and doing so in the summer can help clear out mold spores, pollen, dust and other allergens. Allergies are a major contributor to missed days at work. In fact, an Ohio State University study shows allergy sufferers can miss up to 32 hours of work in a single week during allergen peaks! Keep those allergies at bay by utilizing a professional commercial cleaning service.

Trash Cans and Restrooms

Warmer temperatures and humidity encourage odor-causing bacteria to grow faster. Humidity also traps the molecules that cause odors, allowing them to travel farther and linger longer. For these reasons, frequent and thorough cleanings of areas like trash cans and restrooms, though always important, are especially paramount in the summer months.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

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