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Cleaning for Attorney Offices

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Wayne Office Cleaning

Hi there! We are Spotless Commercial Cleaning, a local, Wayne office cleaning company with a bold mission statement. We’re trying to streamline the janitorial service experience specifically for the corporate world. What exactly does this mean? Well, for starters, all our cleaning experts have professional experience in the corporate world. This means that they understand the needs of modern business places and can better tailor their work to meet your expectations. Next, we use our own uniforms and ID badges to meet modern security standards, and we are prepared to adjust our protocol to match any special cases. We are focused solely on cleaning for businesses, and each one of our clients is considered a trusted partner. We will work with you personally to create a system and schedule that meets all of your criteria, and guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way.

Attorney Offices

All workplaces are different. Here at Spotless, we value those differences and take care to provide unique services to whatever businesses require individual care and attention. There are several specialized concerns that arise when heading out to clean an attorney office. Here are a few of them.

  • Documents, forms and papers. Piles of papers and documents can be very touchy, and we’ve seen a few attorney’s offices with forms piled high on every desk. We take care while cleaning to not disrupt stacks of paper that may be organized in a specific way, and always do our best to avoid seeing documents that may be classified. If any documents need to be organized in a specific way, we will often work those details out with the client beforehand and follow strict protocol.
  • Beautification is important. We make sure with attorney’s offices, as with any client-facing workplace, to get metal shining, wood glossy and carpets spotless and neat. Clients should be “wowed” when they see the state of your workplace. Leave it to us to get their attention.
  • Buildup of shredded documents/recycling. Shredded and recycled documents can easily be forgotten and build up for a long time. Our cleaning crews won’t let the dust pile high in the neglected corners of your office.

For more info on how we handle these jobs, please visit our attorney offices page.

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