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Montgomery County commercial cleaning

Cleaning is not everybody’s favorite chore. In fact, as a busy working professional you may feel like finding time for cleaning is a chore within itself. When deadlines have to be met, bosses must be impressed and important clients need attention, tidying up your desk certainly isn’t going to make it onto the agenda. But believe it or not, studies show that cleanliness in the workplace can actually help improve productivity, meaning you’ll hit more items on that To-Do List more often. That’s why Spotless CC is here, to help make a difference in your workplace!

Spotless Commercial Cleaning is a Montgomery County’s premiere commercial cleaning company. All of our workers have worked in a corporate environment, so we’ve been in your shoes. That’s why at Spotless CC we know just what a clean office environment should look like, so you can trust us to get the job done just as you like it.

These Montgomery County commercial cleaners want to help you get the most out of your office space. So here is a list that proves how a clean office can really help you go above and beyond in your workplace:

  • Reduce Sickness – If you’ve ever been in an office where the flu hit, you know just how detrimental losing employees to sick days can be! The average keyboard can hold up to 75,000 bacteria, which then can easily be spread to door handles, office phones, etc. Cleaning your office regularly will keep the germs away.
  • Boost Productivity – A study done by HLW International LLP shows that a clean office can boost productivity by 5%. That means more company revenue. What would you do with that increase?
  • Minimize Stress – The same study showed that dusty and dirty offices where people began to show symptoms of distress or discomfort – like itchy eyes, headaches and lethargy – performance loss ranged from 3-8%. Even memory and creative thinking can be affected.

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So now you know just how beneficial a clean office can be, but you still don’t have time to clean it! Well, that’s where Spotless CC comes in. We’re the #1 commercial cleaning company in Montgomery County for a reason! Our services are unbeatable, plus we’ll work one on one with you to find a schedule and price that fits with you and your company. We know what our customers expect from their cleaning company, and we go above and beyond that! So contact us today by calling 267-217-2003 and let this Montgomery County commercial cleaning company make your office Spotless!