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 10 Tips For A Cleaner Office

For some folks, working amongst scattered piles of papers, books and pens on their desk is just how they function. It’s comfortable, it’s homey and you never know when you might need that note your coworker left, or the paper with all your passwords and logins that’s sitting under your lunch.

For others, however, it can actually be the sole reason they’re not being as productive as they want to be! If you’ve been reading our blogs, you know we already wrote a blog about why organization is important. But now, this Montgomery County commercial cleaning company wants to show you exactly how to get organized without losing the stuff you actually need.

The Montgomery County Commercial Cleaners That Have Your Back

There are probably at least five things sitting on your desk, at this exact moment, that you could get rid of and never even notice they were gone. In fact, getting rid of them and creating a more organized and productive workspace will probably only take you about ten minutes! So here are some helpful organization tips from your trusty Montgomery county commercial cleaners:

  1. Paper – old receipts, sticky notes that have no stick and printed documents you know are on computer. Take a minute to sift through the piles and only keep what’s absolutely necessary!
  2. Paper Clips – Let’s face it, when was the last time you used one? You don’t need the mega pack. Grab a handful and share the rest with coworkers.
  3. Pens – Of the 10 pens on your desk, half are probably out of ink. Pick the good ones and chuck the rest.
  4. Clothes – Scarves, sweaters, hats…it’s good to have them handy but don’t overdo it. Only keep the essential sweater and bring the rest back home.
  5. Cards, Toys and Decorations – Keep the awards or sentimental cards. But do you need that free bobble head from last year’s work seminar?
  6. Office Supplies – You only need one of each! Remember, it’s not the 1980s anymore. A lot of what you do is online, so you definitely don’t need two staplers. Pick your favorites and give the others to your cubicle neighbor who is always borrowing anyway.
  7. Disinfectant – This is something you actually SHOULD have at your desk! Keep the flu far, far away.
  8. Food – It’s smelly and moldy. Unless it’s today’s lunch, TOSS IT!
  9. Hardware – Keep your computer and printer running smoothly and wipe it free of dust and grease.
  10. Dust – If you’re following tips 1-9, you’ll never see it!

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