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Each year, American employees take about 70 million sick days because of the flu. That means between $3 and $12 billion dollars are lost. Yes, you heard that right, billions of dollars lost! Of course, your company alone only experiences a tiny fraction of that revenue loss, but the numbers don’t lie. The more people in your office that catch the awful bug, the worse off your business will be. But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are many ways to help keep the office germ-free and avoid losing employees this flu season.

Spotless Commercial Cleaning is a Montgomery County commercial cleaning company that does it all – window cleaning, office cleaning, carpet stripping, you name it! We know how to best service our clients because we’ve done our research; before we even opened our doors we spent 6 months studying what Montgomery County businesses needed from their cleaning providers. It’s made us the most trusted Montgomery County commercial cleaning business!

To keep your hard-working employees flu-free, here are four tips you can practice in the office:

  1. Beware of Germy Hot Spots – Office phones, doorknobs and sinks are prime examples of germy breeding grounds. Why? Because they’re touched almost constantly throughout the day by lots of different people. Clean heavily touched items regularly, and wash your hands after you use them.
  2. Keep Your Desk Clean – Avoid bringing germs back to your personal space by wiping down your desk area with disinfectant often. You spend most of your time here, so make sure it’s a space safe from flu-harm!
  3. Replace Office Sponges – You may think you’re doing everyone a favor by cleaning the office dishes, but if the sponge hasn’t been replaced in a month your going to cause more harm than good! Sponges harbor germs easily and should be replaced every couple weeks.
  4. Don’t Push Germs Around – Be wary of certain cleaning products like mops and dust rags. If they’re not sanitized between uses they can also contribute to germ spreading.

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Teaching your employees all the tips and tricks for keeping a perfectly sanitized office is great, but sometimes it’s best to call in the pros. Luckily, there is a Montgomery County commercial cleaning company that has your back. Spotless Commercial Cleaning can help your office stay clean on a regular basis. We’ll work on your schedule and can provide our services bi-weekly, weekly or even daily, whatever you need! Still looking for more office cleaning tips? Check out our blogs on prepping your office for winter or keeping allergies at bay. And when you’re ready to schedule office cleaning give us a call at 267-217-2003!